Capturing More Consumers with Social Media Marketing

| Tuesday
In the world of Social Media Marketing the obvious goal for most business owners is to capture new customers. In order to do that there are certain things any successful plan should include. First things first, you should always direct new customers to your social media pages online-this means adding the information to your current marketing materials, corporate website, blogs and any other media outlets you use. One way to increase participation is to offer an incentive or promotion associated with the act of becoming your friend, fan, or follower. Capture current customers by offering those who have just made a purchase a discount for the next purchase if they become a fan, etc. Another great way to promote your business is to add sharing options within your website—for example offer a share this with your friend’s link after a purchase-this can easily be set up using applications that are already available with many social network sites, like Facebook.

After you have users signed up to follow you, you need to consistently engage them with new content, exclusive offers or useful information they can’t get anywhere else. The best way to develop your social media network is to consistently offer them quality content. Another key aspect is to offer exclusive promotions within your social media network-this makes it more valuable to your consumer and creates customer loyalty.

Engage your audience—most consumers actually like to participate in conversations about products or services they use—utilize polls and allow commenting on your posts—you might be surprised by what you learn from your consume. As an added perk you are actually getting market research without the hefty price tag.

Follow these simple steps to help capture more consumers with your social media marketing campaigns.
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